Friday, September 6, 2013

Tony's Tiki Voodoo Vibe's Lounge Lu-Owl Video

Here's a video from Owl Be Better With Musics first benefit concert! 

Wild West Video!

Here is a video with pictures from our Wild West event!! :)

Tony's Tiki Voodoo Vibes Lounge Lu-Owl!

On August 29th 2013 Owl Be Better With Music had their first ever Benefit Concert at Tony Starlight's Supperclub and Lounge! The event was a success as we had a HUGE amount of amazing sponsors donating raffle/Auction prizes as well as donating funds and material to make the event possible. Tony Starlight's Supper Club and Lounge Helped Owl Be Better With Music so much by hosting the event as well as helping provide the entertainment for the night! Tony Starlight himself performed along with Britta Bennett and Carib a Voodoo Vibes Trio! The night was filled with Music, Food, Limbo, Hula dancing and it even had a Conch Blowing Contest!! At the end of the night we had raised over $1000!!!!! A HUGE thanks to our sponsors and all that attended last night:)
 — at Tony's Tiki Voodoo Vibes Lounge Lu-owl.

Wild Wild West! August 14th 2013

Our event at Shriner's Hospital on August 14th was Wild West themed! Each of the patients and their siblings received T-Shirts (Thanks to Soft Link LLC) cookies (Jaciva's Bakery) and gift bags full of fun wild west cowboy themed items including a hat and badge. The parents had their own relaxation center including a catered lunch (Goldies BBQ) , sweet treats (Vie de France), gift boxes, and access to a massage therapist doing both chair and hand massages (Elements Therapeutic Massage). Finally we finished off this fun filled day with the families getting to visit tootsie the Pony and her owner Joanne Fletcher, The entire event we had the amazing Nick Ettlin playing music for the families.
 — at Shriners Hospital Portland.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Why the Owl?

Recently I have had a lot of people ask me “Why the Owl?” Well in order to explain it I will have to tell a little story.

                My grandfather worked in the FBI and Police forces in both California and Oregon. In his time in the force he gained the nickname of Owl Man due to the way he would sweep in and deal with any situation that would occur. My grandfather had a love for owls and collected them avidly. On September 11, 2001 my grandfather was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. When my grandfather passed away on October 29th my family found ourselves to have inherited the fellow love of owls. The following summer my family attended the annual Relay for Life (American Cancer Association). One of my first Memories of the relay was how I saw kids my own age wearing the cancer survival shirts. At that point I decided I wanted to help. I have been playing the drums and piano since I was in second grade and learned how music can help make someone feel better. When it came time for me to decide what to do for my senior project I began researching how I could volunteer at the local hospitals and bring in music for the kids. Unfortunately majority of the programs at the hospitals required the volunteers to be above 18 years of age and my 18th birthday fell at the end of my senior year. In doing more research my parents and I found that if I were to start my own non-profit we could by-pass the age restrictions in some locations. When deciding a name for the company we knew we needed to keep to the Owl theme of our family, and so that is why the name is Owl Be Better With Music. Our first summer in 2011 was definitely a challenge. Many hospitals already had large non Profit organizations that kept us from being able to volunteer, but luckily we got redirected to Shriner’s Hospital in Portland Oregon. Susan Gallegos head of child life resource’s helped us gain a time slot to bring in musicians on October 26th 2011. This date has much significance to my family as it was the day we had to bring my grandfather home from the hospital. Ten years after we brought my grandfather home for in home hospice care we had our first event at Shriner’s Hospital. The entire time of the event there was an energy in the air that was indescribable. There was so much love and joy in the hospital rooms that we visited it was easy to realize that no matter what happened we had to keep this company going. Now looking back over the two years that we have been running I can definitely say we have had our rough days but the smiles we get to witness at each of our events make each and every one of those bumps along the way worth it. I am overjoyed and excited to see what the future holds for my company, and every milestone we make I can’t help but to think about my grandfather, the OwlMan looking down on us and cheering us on. All of what we do is in dedication to Frank Barbarick (Aka OwlMan).

Friday, July 19, 2013

Benefit Concert Update

Just finished making the poster for our benefit concert! Hopefully by Monday we will have them posted all around town! If you would like a poster posted in your work place feel free to comment below or email! Thanks for reading!

Monday, July 15, 2013

An opportunity to help :)

Hey everyone!
I have an exciting opportunity for you to help children in local hospitals through Owl Be Better With Music. This August we are having a benefit concert and are in need of donations for a silent auction at the event. All funds from the event goes toward funding future events at the hospitals. We are looking for small and large auction items. If you or anyone you know can help please contact Madeline Bennett 

Thanks for reading!!

Madeline Bennett